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360tuned (by LACIX)

6-week Digital Impact SUMMITCAMP for Sponsors

6-week Digital Impact SUMMITCAMP for Sponsors

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  • Who is it for?
    This course is designed to help any owner, founder, executive, director, or senior manager to be a kind but firm sponsor to your team or teams.

  • Which challenges does it address?
    Sponsors are critical in any nonprofit or for-profit organization, therefore your fact-driven decision-making needs to be supported by the right systems. But if you are unclear on what questions to ask, you can waste your time and your team’s resources.

  • What are the benefits?
    If you want to be a modern executive who is comfortable with digital as an accelerator, save time, enjoy working with your team, deliver outstanding results in a shorter time than usual, and want to feel comfortable and fulfilled while working, this training is for you.

  • How do we deliver?
    In this 6 weeks online training, conveniently from your location, you can join like-minded executives for an hour weekly. Learn, ask questions, understand, and practice all the critical tools for your daily work.

  • What is included?
    Courses start every 6 weeks and the classes are on Wednesday mornings on Zoom. We also share the recordings, slides, and specific worksheets to practice and test your knowledge.

  • Is there a bonus?
    #1 You will be invited to our Private Community where you can discuss your questions and your progress on the training, and the application of the theory, learn from others who are in similar positions, and enjoy a fun community of pros just like you.

    #2 You will get access to our training library full of useful video guides, checklists, and pre-defined process flows about the Digital Impact Flywheel. This will give you a head start on how to plan and execute a Digital Roadmap and how to be the superstar of your team. 

  • How to book?
    You can enroll yourself or your colleagues by filling out the application form and you can join immediately.
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