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360tuned (by LACIX)

Digital Impact ROADMAP

Digital Impact ROADMAP

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  • Who is is for? Executives, directors, senior managers, owners, founders

  • Which challenges does it address? When you don’t know how to prioritise your digital build projects, what is necessary to buy, how much time and cost it would probably take to release it and who do you need to coordinate all this work, you might need a Digital Roadmap.

  • What are the benefits? To get a clear picture of the road ahead, potential solutions/options, their complexity and viability and the effort estimation with high-level budget. Key success factors, timelines, stages, worst case scenario (no surpsises) to build a rock solid commitment in your team.

  • How do we deliver? We use the Digital Impact Diagnoses and do a structured Digital Audit on your current systems, data, content and team. Then we define your Digital Impact Roadmap and Backlog of improvements. We define a viable Roadmap that contains the proposed projects, phases, milestones and resource needs. We also write up the high level User Stories so you know what is included, and what benefits you can expect. Then we estimate the scope in story points that gives you the understanding of what is small or large and what are the dependencies. This is usually called a Business Case, that will give you 100% confidence.

  • What is included? We answer your questions on a 1 hour long recorded Zoom workshop and hand over the recording so you can make the best decisions. We provide a 10 pages Digital Business Roadmap that is

  • Is there a bonus? After your Digital Impact Diagnoses is complete, we start the audit that usually takes 2-5 working days after we get access to your content / data / systems. We walk you through on the results and explain in plain English what you can expect from vendors on the market. We protect your interest by being transparent and represent your long term quality expectations.

  • How to book? You can book an appointment in our calendar and we confirm your selected date/time in an email. The prerequisite is to do the Digital Impact Diagnoses package

  • How much does it cost? $1080+GST, 
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