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360tuned (by LACIX)

Digital Impact HEALTH CHECK

Digital Impact HEALTH CHECK

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  • Who is is for? Executives, directors, senior managers, owners, founders

  • Which challenges does it address? It feels like you are walking on quicksand. It is really concerning to not know where your organisation is in digital maturity because you might be wasting your time and resources. Progress is hard when you have to step one forward to realise you stepped 2 back.

  • What are the benefits? Have a crystal clear picture of where you are and what are the hot points to address in priority order. This HEATMAP gives you peace of mind to know where to focus and how long, what are the steps to success.

  • How do we deliver? Once an appointment is booked, we work with you on a 45 mins long recorded Zoom call using our structured 33 questions system to map out your strongest and weakest points.

  • What is included and how long does it take? We identify the gaps, blockers and measure your current digital maturity level you are on currently. We send you a structured 10 pages Digital Impact Diagnoses report so you can address them one-by-one. This report is in plain business English, you don’t need to be technical at all to understand. Usually we create the report in 2-3 business days.

  • Is there a bonus? Yes, we explain the report on a 30 mins zoom call and answer all your follow-up questions in a return email if you send them to us on a single list.

  • How to book? You can email or book an appointment in our calendar and we confirm your selected date/time in an email.
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