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360tuned (by LACIX)

Digital Impact DISCOVERY

Digital Impact DISCOVERY

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  • Who is is for? Executives, directors, senior managers, owners, founders

  • Which challenges does it address? Unsure about where the bottlenecks are and how to resolve them, or know the blocks but need external advice on the best possible resolution.

  • What are the benefits? To get a deep understanding of the current state heat map and the route causes of the symptoms, potential resolutions, and their effects. 

  • How do we deliver? We run a Zoom session where you can answer a few specific questions about the current state using our proprietary discovery method.

  • What is included? We organize, run and document the session and you get our recommendations in a written report on the solutions and their potential impacts.

  • Is there a bonus? Yes, we answer all your questions in a return email if you send them to us.

  • How to book? After you check out this product and pay for it, we send you a confirmation email with a link. You can book an appointment in our calendar and we confirm it by email.

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