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360tuned (by LACIX)

ACADEMY Lifetime Subscription

ACADEMY Lifetime Subscription

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Who is it for?
This digital learning platform is designed for founders, owners, executives, directors, managers, team-leads or professionals in any Social Enterprise, NonProfit Organization, BCORP or for-profit small-medium business with a defined purpose/mission/impact.

Which challenges does it address?
When you need to work under time pressure and have limited resources, you need a reliable source of knowledge. You need a guide who can save you time and head ace. If you do trial-error then you waste your time.

What are the benefits?
With this online training library, you can reduce the time to from problem to solution in digital innovation, marketing, operation and customer experience. You can reduce your training costs and your hiring/firing costs. You can increase team delivery volume and velocity as you and your teams will know how to use these digital tools.

How do we deliver?
It is self service so you can watch videos like on Netflix. But you learn from the step-by-step guides faster. Also, some chapters have workbooks to download and fill out quickly. This will help to solidify your understanding with self-assessment. Also in some training episodes, we have downloadable cheat sheets, and checklists that can give you a time advantage to solve typical problems or perform typical activities.

What is included?
It is a 24*7 online access platform to all the available videos and training. You can download all the available PDFs, read the transcript, listen to the audio version while you drive and watch the videos while you don’t drive. You can not share the content with anyone else.

Is there a bonus?
#1 You will be invited to our Private Community where you can discuss your questions and your progress on the training, the application of the theory, learn from others who are in similar positions and enjoy a fun community of pros just like you.

How to enrol?
You can purchase your monthly ticket or annual pass on

How much is the investment?



Ask for group pricing for more than 3 people

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