S2E4: What did that cab driver tell me 21 years ago?

S2E4: What did that cab driver tell me 21 years ago?

Well dressed young businessman in his mid-twenties stands in front of the PWC London headquarters office. In his right hand, there is a black cabin roller suitcase. Waves for a taxi. 

  • "I need to get to Heathrow Airport quickly, please."
  • "No problem."

Traffic is extremely slow. Even for a Friday afternoon. The young man is annoyed. Checks his watch several times. He keeps looking at the driver’s bald head. Only some white hair was left. 

  • "I can’t believe that a metro like London can’t have better transportation in 2000! It is the 21st century! I will miss my flight…"
  • "Don’t worry. We get there. If not, you get another flight."
  • "No. You don’t understand. This is my weekend! I need to be back by Sunday night."
  • "I see."

Traffic stops completely. The passenger is furious. Taxi driver smiles. 

  • "So, tell me something. You drive in this traffic every day. How come you are not annoyed at all?
  • "Young man. Let me tell you a story. We have time anyway... 

I started taxi driving in London 36 years ago. I learned the streets for 3 years in the evenings and weekends. My wife told me I was completely crazy. I just loved Black Cabs. I always wanted to drive one. Anyhow. I learned all the streets, buildings, banks and offices for 3 years. I even needed to know the fastest workaround. I took the exam. Passed the first time. I was the happiest man on earth. 

Then I started driving a Black Cab. I did weekdays, weekends, everything. We needed the money. It paid well. My wife didn’t see me much. We had money but almost divorced. Then I stopped driving my bellowed car on the weekends. Then I didn't drive at night. Then I didn’t drive outside peak traffic. Then I just drove 4 days a week. Then 3. Now I drive only 2 days a week. AND I LOVE IT!!!! My wife also likes it as she doesn’t need to hear me all day."

  • "Wow, thank you. What is your name sir? "
  • "I am Gareth, nice to meet you, young man."
  • "My name is Laszlo and I am flying to meet my girlfriend in Budapest. I hope she will be my wife one day."
  • "You will get there."

I actually did get there. Gareth patiently drove me to Heathrow airport. I got onto the plane. Sat down and kept thinking about Gareth. He was “just” a taxi driver. But a wise man. I hoped I would remember him…

Now, 21 years later, I still remember Gareth. His bald head, short neck, rusty voice and the few white hairs left. He was relaxed. He didn’t rush anywhere. Only I did. I got married and moved to New Zealand. 

3 years ago, I started working only 4 days as a contractor. 1 day a week I spent time on my hobby projects. I helped my friends, family or learned something new. My plan is that after 50, I only work 3 days in. There might be better ways to keep your motivation up, but it works for me. I love it. 

Like Gareth, I suggest you speed up when you can, and slow down while you can. It is better to enjoy our “job” or “business” and just do enough to keep us happy. If you burn out, you might leave all your investments behind…

Maybe one day a single conversation will change your life. Who knows? So, how do you see yourself in the future?


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