S2E1: Where is Valhalla?

S2E1: Where is Valhalla?

If you have a destination (goal) and you know where you are (situation), you can choose the best way (approach) to get there. You can also easily decide which vehicle (strategy) to choose and what (resources) do you need. My destination is to help a million people, so I decided to share all the knowledge I collected in my school and work years. What is your destination? The easiest way to get there is to use a Roadmap that works.



I loved watching The Vikings on Netflix. Not just because of the strong and stable characters, imitation of old traditions and constant conflicts of interests, but because they believed in Valhalla. They lived and died to arrive in Valhalla in honor. Just like all the business owners, executives and managers. When everything is great, we just party, drink, eat and dance. Our organisation runs smoothly and we have time.

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I am not sceptical about this. Actually, I believe this is possible. If we define, organise our personal and professional lives, we can get to a stage where life and business become easy, when there is a constant flow of activities, with no surprises. I think 80% of our life should be planned and prepared. Commodity dominated. So we can focus on the 20% that are unique, exciting and unexpected. Like travelling. Curiosity dominated.


The Current Reality

But if organisations and persons don’t plan and prepare for the future, they drift, get frustrated and suffer.

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The feeling of mad rush every day, rat-race, unreasonable expectations by the boss, wife, husband, kids, customers and even from our suppliers. There is no time to relax, not even to take a break. There is direction only until the next corner, maybe tomorrow, until everything is changing. Again. And again.

The cost you pay is not just the lost leads, lost customers and lost revenue. But the lost opportunities to learn, develop better products, processes and eventually step back from your rat race and let the system run your business with others whom you pay and keep the profit. How many leads do you lose daily? How many customers don't buy again? How many team members do you need to replace this year? How many new suppliers do you need to find? Frustration. Long hours. Burnout. 


The Possible Future

This doesn’t have to continue. There are organising principles, frameworks and systems that can help you to build a much nicer future. The future where you know your destination and you have a roadmap. Even if you have multiple destinations, you can design all the roads to lead to those goals. 

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