S1E1: Why Co/llaboration?

S1E1: Why Co/llaboration?

Collaboration is everywhere, in everything and it is the easiest way to succeed. 


As a child, I was always drawn to playing team sports. Football in the summer, table tennis in the winter. You might say that table tennis is an individual sport. But I argue that for a Great Game, you need at least two great players. Collaboration with your teammates or competitors needs the same skills. Winning badly is worse than losing nicely in my mind. Because from every game we can learn something and success comes from enjoying the game. This got proven from time to time in my 24 years of consulting on every single project.


WHY is collaboration everywhere?

Because the planets, seasons, and nature are aligned by rules.

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Their dependency on each other creates an infinite game. It doesn’t mean they don’t change. They keep changing. But they are in balance and they keep the basic principles. So your organization can only be successful if collaboration is built into your operating model, and every player is interested in keeping the game going.

WHY is collaboration in everything?

Because the players are mutually dependent on each other. The most successful leaders and teams learned early how to collaborate well or learn and improve over time.

WHY collaboration is the easiest way to succeed?

The mutual win is the most sustainable, lowest energy operation mode. As the electrons constantly circle around the protons giving each other space, the units of an organization should be on different levels but repeated tracks.

HOW to achieve the highest level of collaboration?

If your organization can balance the following 4+1 areas, the flow of information and activities becomes easy to manage and needs much less energy to run. A mutual WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation is created in the 4 key areas of the organization, which results in the 5th WIN.

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If your supply chain of ideas, products, and services win, they generate propositions with you that are valuable to your market. Even if you think you are a solo player, in reality, you have multiple partners who support you already.


If the potential customers of your organization win, they gravitate to you and pull information from you, engage with your brand, and trust you. So you don’t need to do marketing and sales, only sharing about your brand promises and serving the market by answering their questions.


If you win your team members (regardless of their status, rank, and contract type), you create an open culture that is inclusive and diverse. Therefore all your experts, managers, and owners will come forward with their best ideas, attitude, and results.


If you create a win situation for your first-time paying customers, they stick around and use your product/service. They become repeat customers and at the final stage, they refer you to their contacts, effectively doing marketing and sales-free for you.


If your partners, markets, team, and customers win, your shareholders will win. If you can balance the 4 areas of your organization, the 4 elements will create the magical 5th element, that is energy or elevation measured in profit. This might be financial profit, but might be a non-financial value or positive impact.

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WHAT do I need to achieve collaboration in all areas of my organization?

  1. Choose your values and a niche market
  2. Choose your tribe, your support network
  3. Choose to be kind, open-minded, and keep learning
  4. Choose to be consistent and resilient
  5. Choose a leadership coach for you - and/or a business coach for your team


So, WHY Collaboration? 

Because collaboration can create renewable energy in your organization, if you create wins on the power of 4.

Remember: e=mc2

In my framework it means: Elevation = Motivation * Consistency * Credibility



Laszlo Csite is a business coach who helps gifted and keen leaders and teams to be extraordinary and fulfil their potential. He is also a digital product owner, who helps great ideas to grow into admired digital/physical products.

If you or your team enter a new field, want to grow, acquire, transform or exit successfully - proven methods and experienced guides can save you time and frustration.

When you are ready, I can help you with my 24 years of consulting experience and my carefully selected network of professionals. You can contact me here: lacix.co  

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