Our 360tuned VISION

Our 360tuned VISION

I turned 50 in January and planned to take a “gap year” 
to just let time flow slowly into travel, holidays and family time…
… as our teen daughters still live with us for a short time.

But this dream (that I have been nurturing for 8-10 years) hasn’t happened.


Because when I look around, I see so many things that need to be better.

We can’t stop now.

Not yet.

Until we have: Better Ourselves & Better People & Better Planet.

So, I have another dream now.

I believe that 360tuned will substantially help people with a great idea to grow it safely and surely to become a SUCCESFUL Social Enteprise.

Because if we help people to have a better mindset,
and give them the right skillset and toolset….
they will make our planet a better place.
To have an Enjoyable Planet.

Therefore I commit myself work for and serve:
= 1 solution for Social Enteprises in 1 year.
= 100 happy customers in 2 years.
= 1000 raving fans in 3 years.
= 1 million better people (whom we impact directly or indirectly) in 10 years.
= 1 better planet (Our Earth) in 15 years.

If you also stand against killing great ideas early with “traditional business models and practices”, join our movement.

Too many great people are not getting momentum because of outdated red-tape habits.

Innovation and kindness need no corner offices and fat bonuses.


We have all the tools and experience to help Social Enterpreneurs to work well.

You don’t have to choose between Profit and Purpose.

Also, we can’t choose between People or Planet.

We need both.

Do good. Well.

Join us.

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