Google will stop all your marketing data collection unless you migrate.

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Not sure if you know about this or relevant to you, but if you know any mission/purpose SMBs, or NGOs who might be impacted, please can you forward this to them?
Did you know that Google Is Forcing All Businesses To Migrate To GA4?

On the 1st of July 2023, all tracking and data from the previous version of Google Analytics (UA) will completely STOP. This means if you were tracking any activities, no more data will be flowing through. This is a big change because the way the activity is tracked is fundamentally changing, this means you can’t copy your previous data into the new system. It only works when you setup the new GA4 system on your website. All previous activity then becomes useless because you cannot compare the old system to the new one. 

Your business will be left without meaningful website analytics if you don't make the switch to GA4.

With a complex migration process, it's important to get it right -  and ensure your data is secure.
We offer our 6-times Google Certified expert Tomek Bielanski to do it for you BEFORE 1st July so you DON'T LOSE YOUR DATA:
If you would like to protect your Google Analytics data with us, 
please simply send an email to me with a "Yes, GA4" and I get admin sorted.
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