We highly recommend him for his patience as a service provider to listen carefully to the client.

Laszlo constructed our new website as our association Knock On Wood Europe, promoting manual fabrication has grown out of its initial model. It needed some new features as well as automation.

As we're based in Switzerland, for a period of two months we had online meetings with Laszlo to discuss our needs.

One of the key things we had to overcome is how to improve our online appearance while most of our acitvities are offline and very "manual". Laszlo understood the paradox in this and suggested few features we could add.

We met him in times of turbulance and lots of shifts in our business model but he empathised with the uncertainties we're facing with taking our project to the next level, and instead of bombarding us with complicated plugins that need high maintenance, he found user-friendly and manageable solutions.

It's also difficult to work for those who work for big corporations to understand the value proposition of a small social impact business. He was also happy to dig into the small detail and spot errors or things that needed improvement.

We're not done. Our new and ever-changing model has to be tested, which means our online appearance will be adjusted accordingly. We hope we can work together with Laszlo again.

 Zsuzsanna Varga, Knock On Wood Craft Factory Sarl/Gmbh, Founder

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