He is driven to succeed with a pragmatic approach to getting the job done and a pleasure to work with.

I had the pleasure of work with Laszlo at Fonterra where we worked closely on the alignment of the Process & Solution Blueprint Documents to ARIS. Laszlo managed the ARIS Process Team; but was also focused on how ARIS could be used as the central repository for all Process & Solution information to create a holistic integrated view of the Solution and accelerate the creation of the necessary Process & Solution documentation.

Laszlo clearly demonstrated his ability to think strategically; present his strategic view to all levels of the project to gain their feedback and buy-in; and most importantly deliver his strategic view on the ground to the level of detail required to embed them operationally. I am very happy to recommend Laszlo for the work that he did at Fonterra.

Thomas QuiltFonterra, Functional Manager - Supply Chain at Fonterra

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